November 20, 2007

Little Moments with a two year old.... :)

So I decided that since Blogger isn't letting me post pictures and it's Thanksgiving week I'm going to take off. Yup, no pictures this week unless Blogger works again. :) Meanwhile...
Today as I was trying to get Blogger to work, Hattie went upstairs so I followed her to see what she was up to. I peeked around and she said something about a cookie and told me to go downstairs again. So I went downstairs to finish tackling my post when I heard this "creak" on the floor upstairs. I went up and peeked around the corner and sure enough , Hattie pulled a chair to over where there was some chocolate chip cookies on the counter. She reached over and picked one up all the time muttering to herself. I did all I could to keep from laughing. :D She is really cute sometimes.
Well next up, Sarah!