December 27, 2007

One awesome Christmas

Thanks for waiting patiently for pictures! Here is my Christmas recap. Unfortunately, I still felt bad so there is less pictures then I expected to take.

(mixed photo credit: me, Sarah and my mom)

Well, Sarah got a hamster! Hammy is now happily living in her room. He is adorable.

Someone's delighted with their gift! I think she was opening her remote control helicopter.

Emily is just to cute. She got this princess dress and wore ALL day. Nope, never took it off.

Hattie got this instrument set. But after a few bams on the drum it broke. :(

I crocheted hats for all the girls. This is Emily's.

I got Uggs! They are so comfy. I also got a nice planner, scrapbooking stuff and a camera case for my new......

NIKON D200!!!!! Yes, my wonderful parents found one for $600 and I'm going to pay for some of it and they'll pay the rest. I am so blessed. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!!
*EDIT* I forgot to tell everyone that I haven't got my camera yet. :) It takes a while to get here so I will get it in a few weeks. Sorry!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

wow a nikon D200 thats really excited so happy for you!