May 9, 2009


First, I just have to say. Isn't God kind to give us flowers to take pictures of? It is HIS creation and we were made to enjoy it. Thank you God.

Can I tell you a couple of stories? Stories of God's faithfulness? Okay. :)

My photography business started with this girl right here. (She's my sister!) I took ennndddlleess pictures of my sisters and edited them like crazy. People saw those and then called me. And I was, what, 14? God is soo good!

Then this family. She was my first client. She was my choir teacher and I did two shoots for her in 3 months. She has told so many people about my photography and most of my shoots are because of her. So, thank you!!!! :) (And isn't her family DARLING??)

And then my American friend here. Let me explain. So, I met her when she told me that I looked like her friend from Mexico. I didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. ;) We clicked right away. (After I realized that it was a compliment!) A few months later I asked if I could take her senior pictures and she heartily agreed. And that's how I started to incorporate senior pictures into my repertoire. Thanks for going along with my crazy ideas and allowing an inexperienced 14-year-old to take your senior pictures. ( maybe I shouldn't have said that. :D)
This was my first couple shoot. They graciously called me and asked if I could take their pictures. Even though I only took family pictures at the time, God opened a door to expand my business. (Here's where God's amazing goodness comes in!) I was sooo nervous. I mean, I had never taken couple pictures before!! But, I started to rest my mind on God and the shoot went flawlessly.

So, my business stories are ones of God's goodness. He is so kind to give me opportunites to expand my business and glorify Him through my photography. Thank you to all who have prayed for me, commented on my pictures, hired me, and cheered me on. (Especially my parents. I love you SO much!)

Have a nice day!


EDIT! look at the sidebar. !! a price list!! :)


Kirstin Rose said...

Wow, Ellie! I really love what you did with your site! Maybe in a few years when I have more experience I will try something like it. That is really cool that God let you do those! 8)

Jenna said...

Great job, ellie! You are definitely moving up there!

Abby said...

Oh I love the flower picture at the top of this post! Same here, I hope someday I can do what your doing :)