July 9, 2009

summer par-tay. :)

last night, i went to an awesome summer party. :D it was soo fun. the light was brilliant 50% of the time! (the rest it was dark. :))

There was a donut eating contest. wow, that was entertaining.

lonely ribbons. (notice the pieces of donut left. yes, quite appealing. ;)

there was tons of candy. (this is my friend sophia who wanted to get hyper so she ate at least 20 pixy sticks. end of story. :D)

can i draw your attention to God's beautiful gift of light. WOW!

loooots of volleyball

and cute faces. :D

this is just the beginning of a huge bonfire that they had. it was so hot. seriously.

and guess what?! i'm shooting in raw now! i can fine-tune edit! i'm excited. :D


The Ordinary said...

STOP! THEIF! Robbers! Pirates! blistering barnacles! "Par tay" is my word!

The Ordinary said...

nice pictures by the way

Kirstin Rose said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun there! And I love those pics!

Ellie said...


and robert, i did not steal your word. i made it up. :D

Nicki said...

That was so fun! These are great pictures Ellie! Awesome Job! :D

Jenna said...

Great pics ellie! love these! :)

Aimee said...

Nice, the one with Elise hanging up donuts is really cool.