September 27, 2008

about me.

{photo by natalie}

- my name is ellie.
- i am 15 years old.
- i love God with all of my heart.
- my favorite people are my family
- i honestly don't like oreos.
- yellow ROCKS! yesyes. :)
- my birthday is in april. i like the spring.
- i like photography. (you noticed? how very observant of you... :D)
- i have never been to asia, but i have been to europe three times.
- laughing is really good medicine.
- i can be random at times. "sandcastles and flamingos!" want to be friends? :)
- i am the oldest of six kids.
- starbucks & panera are my favorite places to eat/drink. haha. :)

and now you know more about me, the photographer. :)