November 1, 2009

A continuation of other posts past....and present. :)

Hello blog. :) I have been very busy. I have some photoshoots coming up soon. But, for now, here are some random pictures that I basically fell in love with... :)

This is me and my grandmother's dog, Brandy. I loved that dog so much.

And yippee yi ay, Tucker is a beagle!! :) Reminds me of Brandy so much even though they have different coloring.

Some beautiful faces from Worthy '09. :)

Okay. Let's pause for a moment. This is the Pastor College family I babysat for last year. We had some good times. Like games of Hide and Scare (for those of you who don't know me, I get scared when people jump out at me. and of course, what better fun then scaring your babysitter? :D) We played outside a lot, and made some good memories. And then in June they moved away. Back to New Jersey.

I love you dear family.

And here ends my blog post. :)


Kirstin Rose said...

Love that first one of you! I love them all, actually. =) That is so nice that you were able to bless them by babysitting!

Abby Leigh said...

aww these are all cute :) i love looking through older pics it makes me so happy!