November 8, 2009


I remember two years ago when Natalie and I were in the same online writing class. I had met her before but I didn't really know her. I thought she was a cute, blond-haired girl who was good at acting. :) So, I "messaged" her and said, "Hi!" That started our friendship.

Through ensemble, our writing class, and church, we got to know each other a little better. Now, in some areas we're different. For example, she likes Oreos and cherries, I don't. :) BUT, we're the same in a lot of ways. We both have braces, we have blond hair, we like photography, and we have 5 siblings. (I'm counting the baby. :D)

She's gorgeous. :D

I LOVE this one. :)

Haha, this was funny. I took a dollar out of my pocket and put it on the road. Then Natalie went over to it and said, "Look! I found a dollar!" :D

Natalie, I had so much fun with you today. Thanks for being so fun. :)


Natalie said...

yay i had fun with you too ellie! :) yeah i like the 3rd to last one as well. :D

Allie said...

oh these are great! she's so cute :)

where did u take these??

Ellie said...


we took them at the agricultural farm.