January 30, 2010

happy birthday to hattie. :)

my baby sister turned five on wednesday. what a gift she is to us! she is so joyful and funny and cute. :) i have more pics, but i wanted to share with you the cake experience. definitely my favorite part because of her reaction. :)

so excited for this cake. the suspense is terrible. (she hadn't seen it yet.)

look at those EYES! she loves loves loves m&m's. her whole cake was covered in them. she was so shocked. love her face. :)

first try. i'm telling you this candle was stubborn.

can i just say i love her smile? "it won't blow out!"

second try.

yay! it finally went out!

she was laughing with so much joy. oh i love her.


hattie, i love you so much. you are a bright spot in my day. thank you for your smile. :)

happy birthday from your big sister,


Natalie said...

aww these pictures are adorable ellie!! hattie is SO CUUUUTTTTEEEEE... :D tell her happy birthday for me!

Jessica said...

aaaaa she's sooo cute!!!! I love her expression especially in the first one! :D