January 16, 2010


"i did NOT know this was going to hit me so quick. whyyy does caffeine DO THIS!"
"i'm in isolation. don't talk to me. i'm reading."
"our friendship is weird. but you understand me."
"stopppp staring at me!! it's freaking me OUT!"
"stop coughing into my pillow!" "i was doing no such thing."


a few nights ago, natalie asked if i could come over to her house. i said sure, not really knowing that something like this would happen....

but honestly, haha, it was so fun. yeah.

our friendship is kind of, i don't know, interesting to say the least. for the most part, it's just fun and laughing. :)

but we pray for each other, we give each other verses to help us in our walk with God. she's amazingly humble. (which is one of the reasons i can put these pictures on here haha. :))

she looks cute even when she's upside-down. what can i say? she's talented. :)

so she said this was her, "no school please, summer COME!" face. so that's the caption for this one. :D

"i'm a craaazy rabid squirrel! and i want my cookiiiiiiies!!" :D

okay, so she wanted me to put some pictures of myself on here. photo credit: natalie. :D

natalie: it was an adventure. :)

and if you're wondering why the next sister isn't on here for the "sister series i'm doing, i just realized that i have NO recent pictures of eliza! so i will be doing a photoshoot of her this week and posting them next Saturday. i just wanted to post about life. :)


Natalie said...

bahaha yes! that night was amazing. thanks!! :D love you girl. :)

Jenna said...

hahahaha ohh goodness i love you girls :)

Wikner Family said...

aaah nice girls =) i love the squirrel one. u guys are so cute! <3 abbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie this is Hannah Burke. You are really funny Natalie and I want to meet you sometime. Hey Ellie B. you should bring her to the wfth class party...hey just so ya know you inspire to me to continue taking pictures, yours are so beautiful.

Ellie W.- are you going to go with Abbie to the WFTH party?

Ellie said...

Hey Hannah! It's SO nice of you to comment! Thanks for your encouraging words. Love you girl! :)

Haha, if I brought Natalie, I think it would be insane. ;)

Natalie said...

hey. how would i make it insane? ;) just kidding. :D