February 18, 2010

:) :)

i keep typing and backspacing and retyping and rebackspacing. basically, i'm amazingly happy and excited. why?

weeeelll, it's like this. last night, my mom's water broke. so they went to the hospital, and the doctors gave my mom magnesium sulfate and steroids to stop the labor, and develop the baby's lungs a little more. (reason being, she was technically due march/april.) so, they would have taken her off the meds tomorrow night and then waited for labor to come again.

buuut God had a different plan. i just heard from my dad that the baby is 7lbs 13 oz. which means that the baby might be able to come now. we thought my mom was at 32 weeks, but she might be at 36-37 weeks. so that's what i'm praying for. speaking of prayer, i wanted to ask all of my blog readers to please be praying for a couple of things.

  • health for mommy and baby. :)
  • peace for our whole family whatever happens. God has been so good to us, providing us with friends and family are willing to help us. it's really amazing.
  • that they will come home SOON. :)
  • guidance for the doctors
  • and a quick recovery for my mom. she will be having a c-section.
thanks in advance. i'm grateful beyond words that we have a heavenly Father who listens to our prayers, and loves us with an unconditional love. hopefully, i'll have an baby announcement post up here soon. ;) oh and i'll post any more prayer requests/updates as they come.



Daniel Garay said...


Abby Leigh said...

Umm like SUPER excited!! You must be too...

I'll be praying for you all
Abby <3

FuntobeaFlood said...

We will be praying and looking forward to your posts!
The Floods

Carrie said...

We prayed for you all before lunch today! Thank you for the update, Ellie.

Allie said...

Oh wow! How exciting :) :)
I'm praying :)

The Maka 6 said...

happy for you guys! love you berrys!

Elise Switzer said...

oh my word, that's so exciting!!!!! i'll be praying for you all!!