February 21, 2010

jude elliot.

he's adorable. we're not able to visit him because of the "swine flu" and stuff, but my dad showed us a video. oh. my. goodness. he's the cutest baby on the planet. i'll try to post it. :)

so yeah. we're all excited over here. and the story behind the name?

jude = right now, we're going through am mini series on jude at church. the last message affected my mom so much that she named jude after jude. (no kidding? :D) we told mr. mahaney (who preached the series) and he was so affected by the story that he dedicated the series to his "little bud jude." that definitely made my day. :D

elliot = after the missionary, jim elliot. :D

will try to post more pics etc later. :)


cassidy said...

thats such a sweet story:)
can't wait to see more pics!!

Abby Leigh said...

wow amazing. the story behind his name is so sweet. jim elliot is my favorite missionary... ever. love it :)

Unknown said...

Haha, yeah, I had to laugh. I guessed that it was your brother when he said when he was born. Congrats to your family!