February 12, 2010

little kids.

this was a great week. i got snowed in with a friend, watched princess bride, made corn chowder and french bread, and got a few days off of school. :)

and i took pictures for an end of the year slideshow for the music academy at my church last week. these little kids were so cute. :) i walked in to the auditorium and all of sudden the whole choir erupted into,

"LOOK! She has a camera!" "Why is she taking pictures of us?" "IS she going to take pictures of us?" "I like her camera! It's cool!" "Cheeeeese!"

haha, it was so cute. then, the choir director got out her phone to play them a song they were singing. what followed?

"is that your cool phone?" "is that a DS? I have a DS!" "really what color is it?" "loook she has one too!"

i really like little kids. like seriously.

i like when hattie does school.

i like when little kids stare into space.

i like when little kids laugh.

i like when little (okay maybe not SO little. :)) kids attempt to eat donuts. it's so funny. haha. :D

i like when little kids stretch. alot.


and those are my random thoughts for the day. :)

enjoy your looong weekend and holiday. :)