February 19, 2010

update #3

good morning! :)

i just got off the phone with my mom, nothing really new. she's ready for this baby to come though! :) they are taking her off the meds around 11 pm tonight. my dad thinks that the baby will be born saturday morning. Lord willing, that will happen. thank you for your continued prayers. just a few more quick requests.

  • that the baby WOULD come on saturday
  • grace for my mom during the whole thing
  • strength for the fam at home. we're holding it together over here (my grandmother came) but we are sooo tired. :)
  • keep praying for safety.
some praise reports:

  • my mom is farther along than they thought so the chances of him being born sooner are higher
  • my mom has had no major sickness
  • the baby is healthy
thanks again everyone for praying for us. we feel overwhelmed by grace.


The Maka 6 said...

Yay! healthy baby that's great!

Lizzy said...

aw, yay! we're praying for all of you...can't wait to see that little boy!


Jenna said...

aaahhh i am so happy for you guys!!!!

Hannah B. said...

Oh, Ellie. i can't tell you in words how so very happy I am for you and your family. I will be praying for all of you. This is so wonderful.

Rachael Boer said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Ellie. We will be praying for your parents, the baby, and all of you.