February 19, 2010

update #5

well, tonight is (hopefully) the last night that the berry family is made up of 7 people. :D

when the baby is born, he will be put in the NICU for two days because he is "premature." (when i use that term it just means that he is a month early. the technician said, "i've never seen an 8lb premature baby!" so i don't know. :D) Lord willing, my mom will come home tuesday if the baby is born tomorrow.

unless i hear something AMAZING, i'll update tomorrow. :) thanks again for your continued prayers.

ellie for the fam.

(and because i've only posted a few pictures, here's one. :D it reminds me of God's great majesty. He is SO good.)


cassidy said...

sososo excited for you ellie!! :D
praying for you all(and your baby brother!!) :D:D