February 20, 2010

update #8

well, my mom had a contraction an hour ago, so we're moving in a positive direction. praise God! she's off the IV and monitor, she had a solid lunch, and is feeling much better now that she is off the magnesium. hopefully, we'll see a baby soon. :)

we have a wonderful God! i praise Him for the work He is doing through this season of our life. :)



JJSB said...

We sure do love you, Ellie Berry! And, ALL the Berry girls.

And you KNOW, we are going to love that little Berry Boy too!

Can't wait to know every detail.

You bring my heart much joy!
Mrs. Purswell

Unknown said...

Ellie!!! I've been keeping up with your posts about your baby brother!

I'm so excited for you guys, and have been praying for you all.