March 11, 2010

anna {bridal shower photography}

this past sunday, from 3-5 pm, you would have found me at the bridal shower of one of the dearest people i know. honestly.

okay, okay. where did time go. i just did anna's senior pictures in 2008 and now she is all grown up! getting married! having bridal showers! moving away! ah! what happened?

time happened people. it just...did.

the bridal shower started with fellowship and stuff. there was this really fun "who knows anna best?" game. i failed. :)

and some guys did valet parking. very fun.

and the foooood. wowzers. everything scrumptious was there. no joke.

thanks to natalie, we had a beautiful cake. woot woot! :)

they played this cute game where you dressed up " models" with newspaper wedding dresses. this is my friend rachel. good job pulling off the bride look! ;)

picking the best one...

the winner of the best costume...sylvie. wonderful job there team. ;)

aw. so cute. :)

and then everybody brought recipes to share with anna. i wrote one out and forgot it. i'm just like that sometimes. :)

and the revealing of the answers to the "who knows anna best" game.

didn't i tell you the food was amazing?

and then of course, present opening. she got some good stuff.

anna it was a JOY to take pictures for you. can't wait for the wedding. ;)


as a side note, i am officially offering packages for showers and parties! please look at the price list for more info. :)


Carrie said...

These are great, Ellie! I know, it's amazing how time as flown. Aaah!!

And I'm super excited that I made the blog, and so did my plate!! Woohoo! :D