March 13, 2010

emily grace.

if there was one word for this girl it would be wacky.

she's the one who can make you laugh in an instant. yesterday, we went bowling and she said to me, "here's our secret handshake! *clap clap clap* SQUEAK!" i lost it. in the middle of the bowling alley. with manymany people there. it was that funny.

not to mention she's pretty. i think all my sisters are pretty, no questions asked.

she has a sensitive spirit. she loves to help others and LOVES her Savior very very much.

next up: a birthday party, hattiegirl, and other fun stuff. :)


Hannah B. said...

She's a cutie! Is she the next oldest after Hattie?

Yes, all your sisters (and brother)are beautiful, and so are you!