March 28, 2010


the last two weekends at my church have been full of one thing.


this play was put on by the youth of our church. and maaaaan oh man it was amazing.

i know at least 3/4 of the cast/crew and they are all so fun. but most of all, they are godly people who love the Lord with all the heart! great job everyone! :)

this is only a fraction of the pictures i took.and they are not in chronological order either. :)

this weekend, i am second shooting a wedding! aaaAAHhhh! :D so obviously pictures from that. :)


Unknown said...

yay! :D

Madison said...

oh wow! looks amazing! I was in an Esther play and I actually got to play Esther. It was amazing. It was at a theater, but we didn't have as big of a cast and it was a musical too!

I love theater. :D And yes, I'm looking through your old posts because it's fun and I didn't even know that you've been blogging for this long!