March 22, 2010

please pray for hattie.

our hattie-girl is in the hospital right now. but, before you freak out, let me fill you in on some details.

last night, hattie was having difficulty breathing deeply and even though she used her inhaler, it wasn't getting better. so my dad and i took her to montgomery general hospital. they hooked her up to a nebulizer so that she could get some oxygen. turned out that her blood oxygen level was at 84. (it's supposed to be at 97. yikes.) so, we stayed at the hospital for 5 hours. (from 8-1am) she was on and off the oxygen and it looked like things were getting a LOT better. they moved her to a hospital bed because she needed to stay the night. her oxygen was still a little low, around 93. then, as she laid in bed, without any oxygen help, her blood oxygen went to 96 and stayed there! so, i went home to get some sleep.

but then, this morning, we heard the news that she needed to be moved to holy cross hospital for more treatments. we don't really understand why because she was doing great last night.

so we need prayer. hattie is so, so, SO tired. but she's a trooper. so is my dad. he hardly got any sleep last night. here's what you can pray for:

  • strength and faith for my dad.
  • grace for hattie. she's only five, she doesn't really know what's going on. please pray for peace in her little heart.
  • strength and wisdom for the doctor's at holy cross.
  • peace and faith. for us at home.
it's hard to not have our little sunshine here with us. but, we know that God is in control. He knows what it is best, and we are trusting him. last night, i was talking to her about God's plan, and that even though we don't know why she got sick, it's part of His good plan. she said to me, "what's that song? the one where it says, 'He's got a plan, He's got a plan for youuuu?'" so we sang the song by phil joel that talks about His plan for us. i love her child-like faith.

thank you all so much for praying. i will keep you updated.

i can't remember a trial or a pain// He did not recycle to bring me gain// i can't remember one single regret// in serving God only and trusting His hand// all I have need of// His Hand will provide// He's always been faithful to me//


Hannah B. said...

I will be praying very, very hard.

Hilary said...

Praying for little Hattie and the rest of the family Ellie.

cassidy said...