March 5, 2010

two weeks.

jude @ two weeks.

of course, life isn't always glamorous. but as they say, when you've got to sneeze, you've got to sneeze.

but, then, you're back to your normal cute little self. :)

alright, i promise. more pictures of other things will be coming soon. i mean, i love jude and all, but he's kind of taking over the blog. ;)

thanks for looking!


Carrie said...

oh, so cute! i love the second one - he looks so happy. :)

FuntobeaFlood said...

I think he looks like your dad when he sneezes. :)
Mrs. Flood

Ellie said...

Wow, Mrs. Flood I totally see that! :D

Thanks Carrie. :)

Hannah B. said...

Oh,it looks like he's winking in the second one. So cute! He's getting even cuter, if possible.

Madison said...

Ah! precious baby! I miss that stage. Not me myself, of course, but my siblings being at that stage. :)