March 22, 2010


boy i have deja vu! ;) a month ago i was updating on jude, and now, on hattie! :D

hattie is doing good. she is at holy cross now and her oxygen is at 95. the doctors said that if she stays at 95 consistently with treatments every 4 hours apart, she'll be fine. so i think she might still be there for a while, but she's doing better. they are still giving her steroids.

we brought a bunch of her favorite things to the hospital. so she's got her "lambie" and her magnadoodle. :)

thank you everyone again for praying! :)


Unknown said...

Did the doctors say what exactly was wrong to make her blood oxygen level go down so much?

Ellie said...

they thought she had asthma.

Unknown said...

YAY! I'm so happy to hear that she's doing better now :)

I'll continue to be praying though.