April 7, 2010

josh&anna {wedding photography}

last saturday was one of the best days of my life. no joke. i don't know what to say. really.

except that this beautiful girl named anna married her best friend josh. and it was wonderful.

anna is such a wonderful young lady. honestly, she is so fun to be around, but more than that, she loves the Lord. it just shines through her whole life. and you know who else she loves? josh.

so much in fact that when he asked her to marry him, she said yes. and she bought a wedding dress. a beautiful one.

as she was getting her hair done, some fiddle music was on. and being the brilliant violinist she is, she starting to finger out the song on her waterbottle. psh, she's just talented. ;)

this was kinda cool. anna is very involved in the youth plays our church puts on. she was saying how it seemed like she was just getting ready for another play. but then she said,

"but NO! this is my wedding! my real wedding! i'm actually getting married!"

it was really cute. :)

and the flower girls. oh my wow. they were reallyreally cute. :D

and then her dad came in to see her.

i love this next picture so much. :)

but then, it was time to get maaaaaarried! :D

josh is a wonderful man. he is very gentle and kind, never thinking of himself. and he loves anna. :)

sooo close!!

aaaand BOOM. just like that. married. i definitely cried. it was beautiful.

aw. that's adorable. they make a heart.

oooohkay. on to the beaUtiful portraits. :)

the whole wedding party made me laugh. honestly, they are a funny bunch of people.

and look. the beautiful bridesmaids. aren't they lovely?

definitely. :)

drumroll please. the best for last. the bride& groom. ;)

and props to elisha, anna's older brother, for getting in the cherry tree and shaking the branches so that blossoms would flutter into the pictures! :D

the reception was really cool. isn't this pretty?

and of course, the cutting of the cake.

they are definitely smashers. :)

their first dance made me cry. it was beautiful.

josh and anna, thanks so much for letting me be part of your special day. i enjoyed every minute of it!


Moriah said...

Wow Ellie! Those are amazing! The wedding is gorgeous... every part of it!

Kirstin Rose said...

So beautiful!!! Ellie, you are amazing at this. =D I was not able to see all the pictures on this post (something may be wrong with this computer haha XD), but what I saw was amazing. They are cute. =) Great job!! =D =D

Joanna said...

great job! It was such a beautiful wedding!

Carrie said...

What a happy day! I love the one of the bridal party in pairs...and the one of the two of them grinning. They look soooo happy and sooo "gone." :)

cassidy said...

wow these are all great ellie!! i love them. really really beautiful! =D great job!!

Daniel Garay said...

such a wonderful wedding

The Maka 6 said...

aw! they we soooo cute!! great job ellie!

Unknown said...

Awww Ellie these are amazing! Thanks so much for capturing this beautiful day =D

mariah said...

Ssssoooo Beautiful. I enjoyed hanging out with you.

Unknown said...

Ellie! These are so beautiful :D Anna is gorgeous!