April 18, 2010

reflections of a 16 year old. :)

this is an update on my life besides photography. i really do have one, trust me.

so last friday i got my learners permit and drove for ten minutes on a road. wow people. this is really cool.

and i believe it's time for another jude elliot update. 2 MONTHS now. hello. the time is honestly going by so quickly. we love our little jude dude/smidge. :)

and last but not least... i photographed the youth banquet at our church and i have another senior photoshoot tonight. so be on the looking out for more pictures!

oh and one more thing. haha. ;) SENIORS!! if you are graduating this year and still do not have pictures, please contact me! i charge only $25 and that includes 1-2 hours of shooting. it's a good deal!! just send me a quick email to set it up.

"i thank God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all..." philippians 1:3-4


cassidy said...

ahhhh! congratulations on your permit:):)
and jude is adorable. really. really.

Moriah said...

Congrats on driving Ellie! Jude is getting so big... I think he looks like Hattie.

Hannah B. said...

wow....you driving?....scary thought...lol! jk....what a cute kid....

Amy said...

ohhh that is sooo exciting!!! congrats!!!