May 7, 2010


yesterday, our history class had it's last hurrah. and it was definitely so much fun. :)

these two are honestly hams. wow. :D

aw. sisters. ;) i love jojo's face.

the amazing lit. class that came with us. i guess we are kind of combined. anyway. they are amazing. end of point.

HA. i love this picture.

some of my FAVORITE people in the world. right here. walking down frederick's streets. :)

this is beaUtiful teacher lauren. so sad she's not teaching next year. :(

"you look like a seal behind bars!"

some other quotes...

"it's epic!" "let's say it together!" "epiiiiic!"
"let's cross now! NOW!" "ah i almost dropped the candle!"
"is that a statue or a bird?" "it's a painting." "noo kidding!"

and then one funny story. about me. haha. :) so walking around in frederick can be dangerous. i'm just talking to my friends and i hear someone say, "ellie turn around!" so i do. and there, literally, one foot away from my face is a biker. i mumble, "oh i'm sorry," and walk in the other direction. everyone was laughing their heads off. :D

i "stole" this picture off of nicki's blog. haha. :D

thanks for two amazing years everyone. love you all. muuuaah! :)


Carrie said...

Cute pictures, Ellie! It looks like you went to soem really cool locations. :)

Abby Leigh said...

Love these shots Ellie! That was fun ;)