June 29, 2010

it's fleeting

i'm doing 3 posts in 2 days because we are leaving for vacation todaaay. :)

i want to remember. things, people, places, emotions, thoughts, etc. my life won't be "here" forever.

i want to remember drivers ed. that's where you would have found me from 3-6:15 for the past two weeks. me and three of my good friends, sitting in the back, being us. laughing at inside jokes, drawing smiley faces (and frowns), trying not to think about fruit, and watching the cheesiest 90's movies about traffic signs you will ever see.

i want to remember jude. at 4 months. he is so adorable. can i say he is one cute little stinker?? ahh!!! [pictures: next post] anyway, he smiles, talks, laughs, kicks, burbles. (i love that word.) he makes us smile and laugh. (not so much the kicks and burbles.) he loves his baths, and cuddles.

i want to remember learning to drive. not crashing, slowing down too much, pressing the gas instead of the brake. stuff i will forget in 10 years.

i want to remember hattie's laugh. at age 5, she pretty much thinks that everything is funny. i want to remember her playing horse every single day. she cracks me up. i think she's cute. i want to remember her saying, "jesus loves us." i want to remember her praying before dinner.

i'm trying to cherish the little things. so hopefully, in 10 years, it'll be easier to remember stuff like this.


Natalie said...

aw nice post ellie! hahahahaha yeah i don't think we could EVER forget those drivers' ed memories... bahaha =D