June 13, 2010

kirstin rose photography {portraits}

ha. nope. no audacity here. :)

anyway vacation was nice and fun and vacation-y. but i am excited to present a wonderful young lady who is a very good friend.

kirstin of kirstinrosephotography.

we did a portrait session and she took pictures of me as well! check out her awesome-possum work here.

but on to the girl herself. um wow.

she is like, um how can i describe it? okay sweet, wonderful, godly, fun, joyful, selfless, the list goes on and on....

she's someone who you can go up and talk to without feeling like you are interrupting her personal thoughts. :) she takes time to listen.

she wins the award for looking cute while holding a lemon. yes i made that up, but if there was one she would be first place. ;)

everyone says she looks like keira knightley. i was like, "okay guys. only keira looks like keira." but then i took this picture. um, can you say separated at birth? :)

she's so preeeettty.

gah. tree bokeh + beautiful girl + necklace. love.

chocolate is one of her favorite things. i support that.

kirstin, thank you so much for hanging out with me! i love you and i hope you enjoy the pictures! :)


Nicki said...

these are soo good ellie! the colors are so gorgeous and kirstin is so pretty! :D love them!

carlotta cisternas said...

wow! these are wonderful.

Carrie said...

These are great, Ellie!