June 6, 2010

morales fam.

every year our church hosts the pastors college, a 10 month pastors-training program/class etc. it's so neat (and SUCH a joy) to watch all the families come, settle in, become a part of the church, and to eat dinner with them, babysit for them, talk with them, serve them, and in my case take pictures for them.

and i had the joy of taking pictures of the adorable morales family. i met them at the beginning of the year, you might have seen baby piper's pictures here. they are leaving tomorrow for florida after the pc graduation tonight. anyway, time for some pictures! :)

aren't they cute? i love them!

the kids. love 'em.

mr. and mrs. morales.

piper and her daddy. :)

he only has two sisters and this is what happens. what will happen to jude with five sisters? haha. :)

thank you morales family for giving me this opportunity! i'll miss you so much!


bekah said...

love that first pic! and the one of just mom and kids! :)

Unknown said...

Ellie, just wanted to let you know that these pictures are AMAZING! I love the sharp clarity of each photo, and how you bring out the love of the family for each other. =) Great job!