June 28, 2010


nathan & jen. they are amazing. really. and truly, deeply, passionately in love.

jen got ready surrounded by her family and close friends. these flower girls, jen's sisters, were pretty much enthralled with their older sister. so cute.

love that her grandmother helped her with her dress.

okay, maybe i had an editing moment here? but there is a very cute and sweet story here. jen's sister went to the window and started yelling, "jen! jen! come here! nate's down there!!!" jen rushed to the window, covered her mouth with her hand and whispered, "ahh!" the boys moved on but she kept saying, "come back to the window!! i want to see him again!" oh how wonderful. :)

and nate sent her a little note. okay maybe it was a letter. jen sat down and read it. i could tell she was in her own little world. when she was done, she folded it up, wiped her eyes, and put it in a safe place. my heart was literally melting.

and bridal portraits!! jen is so flexible, they had originally planned to go outside, but that didn't work out so we went all over the beaUtiful mansion. inside. and they turned out wonderful.

ohh please. she's too gorgeous.

waiting. waiting.

vows... almost there.

oh my sweet goodness.

when they got to the other end of the aisle, they stopped and hugged and kissed. they are in love people.

the receiving line. this is so wonderful. christine and jen have such a good "sisterly" relationship. they are really close.

and now for the couple. brace yourselves.

nate is such a gentleman with jen. he adores being around her. you can just tell. and jen pretty much adores nate. :)

the reception was amazing too. :)

thanks kristen for letting me tag along!! and nate and jen, enjoy the pictures. i'm so glad i could participate in your special day!!


cassidy said...

oh my goodness. this is one of my favorites wedding posts i've seen. great job, ellie!

say said...

great job ellie!! these are sooo pretty! you are an amazing photographer :D

Anonymous said...

I love Stenes face during the kiss :D heehee! Great job Ellie!

bekah said...

love them ellie!!! i also loooooove that location!!! :)

hannah joy said...

ellie! such a good job! i love the "editing moment!" :)

jenfarlow said...

Ellie, you did such a good job with these!! So glad I could officially meet you at our family shoot :)