June 16, 2010


voting is closed. i chose which one to use.

but i'm not going to tell you until the website is ready!!! oooh i love suspense.

so wait for it. ahh i love the excitement!! :D

*EDIT* for those of you who missed the last post, i am making a website! and people voted on what it should be called. (i.e. elliebphotography.net) and i decided. :D


I'm Kristen said...

Ellie! WOW. I hadn't stopped by your blog in a few weeks. Goodness, girl. When did you get so good?! I know it's Father's Day, but if you want to come second-shoot with me for 4 hours on Sunday, you are welcome to come!

(it's going to be at the place Ryan + Melissa just got married)

Moriah said...

darn! i didn't get to vote! oh well, i know which one i want :)

Hannah said...

What the heck you talking about? What voting? What website? lol! I think I missed something...