July 26, 2010


i'm sitting at the computer.

ordering pictures for my grandmother, listening to the quiet of the house, thinking about the day and how we...

tried to go to music camp but it was canceled because of the power outages, scrubbed the front porch, watched a movie, played with friends, went to the pool, watered our garden, cleaned part of the basement, and fed jude.

all the while enjoying the sounds of dishes being washed, the vacuum running, children laughing, talking on the phone, movie lines being quoted, little feet running around, jude's screeching [his new and very cute talent.] and cars going up and down our neighborhood street.

this is life in our household. i love it.


Carrie said...

Great post, Ellie! Love the photo collage and Jude's grin.

Hilary said...

Aww, I saw Sophie's little face on the bottom right hand side of the photo collage :). Looks like you are enjoying your summer. Miss you all, tell your mom I said hi!