July 5, 2010

stay tuned!

if you noticed that the blog is slowly changing, good for you. ;) my new style/website/blog etc is to be revealed on...


i am so excited! please note that my link bar has disappeared. i did that because all of my information will be on the website. however, if you would like that information now, just click here for the low down on everything that was up there. (except for the about me page and portfolio. that you can find on the main blog.)

ALSO. if you would like photoshoots, now is the time to schedule! after august 1st, the price will be raised. so now is the time to book and save at LEAST $25. :D

thanks for looking!!


BeccaC said...

That's exciting! Can't wait to see all you're new stuff!

Hilary said...

I noticed :), looks very sophisticated. Looking forward to the big reveal on Aug 1st! Miss you!