July 29, 2010

this is fun stuff.

getting together with your cross country friends and not running is a blessed thing.

we had an awesome time. really. i love these girls so much!! we climbed over logs, went by creepy barns, saw ticks, and deer( but no deer ticks. :), played in the mud, got on top of stumps, made animal noises (we really have the beginnings of a good zoo) and frolicked (oh i like that word!) in fields of grass. :)

there are so cute. i love them. haha. :)

jenna. she's the sweet, woodland fairy girl who is just so gorgeous, your mouth drops open. ;) she is so funny and godly and adorable. it's amazing. :)

jojo. i love this girl. she has my sense of humor. we lived through many a history class together and boy is she fun. :) and of course she is so stinkin' pretty too. :)

natalie. she's been on here a few times before. this girl makes me laugh a lot. seriously. like, i only know maybe five people who can make me laugh like she does. and she rocks cowgirl hats like it's nobody's business. makes me jealous. ;)

noelle! haha. i love her laugh. so much. sometimes all the sound disappears when she laughs and it just looks like she's smiling really big. ;) i love it.

i hope you notice the laughter theme? there was definitely a lot of that going on during this photoshoot. :) speaking of which, i don't know why, but this picture makes me crack up. cowgirl hat, umbrella, and rainboots. :)

and a quick unrelated shout out to chichiiii! my friend who just came back from vacation. i missed you. :)

so yeah! that's about it. i'm working on last minute website stuff. so excited. :)


Carrie said...

Great pictures, Ellie! So fun!

cassidy said...

aw you girls are so cute ;) love the bokeh in these shots.

Abby Leigh said...

i LOVE the second to last one!! amazing, the bokeh is insane. great job on all of these.