August 1, 2010

august 1st

after a month and a half of waiting, it's finally here. :)

and i made a nice announcement video except that it didn't load right. and i tried opening it in youtube but it was really fuzzy.

so there is no video. haha. but i'm still launching the website. of course! :D

so here are some special thanks.

rachael boer photography for my bio pics

carrie anne design for my logos and headers

bludomain for hosting and the site

and you all! thanks for looking.

OKAY. here it is. go check it out and if you want, send me a note on the contact page. ;)


Rachael Boer said...

Congratulations, Ellie. It looks great!

Carrie said...

Your site it so cool, Ellie! I love it!

Elise Switzer said...

It looks amazing. Everything is really clean and bright and shining :) I'm a big fan!!

Ellie said...

thank you so much everybody! :)