August 15, 2010

haris fam

like i said in the last post, taylor's family and my family have known each other for a long time. need proof? look below. ;)

:D i love those pictures. everyone is so little!

this is them. mr. haris, mrs. haris, taylor, riley, anna, and jack.

i told them to laugh and look around and smile etc. i said, "i know it seems awkward but it will turn out! trust me!"

it worked. ;)

this is anna. she's 10 (almost 11). she does not like having her picture taken. ;) so her dad grabbed her and she started laughing. LOVE it. :D

riley. she's 13. so pretty!!!

jack the youngest. seeing him be surrounded by girls, i kind of know how jude will feel. ;)

and TAYLOR! haha. newly 16. love her laugh.

and their grandparents! i love them so much. they were so kind as we stayed in their house and they are very funny. :)

they boys.

the girls.

thanks again haris family for letting me take your pictures!! and i loved spending the week with you. :)


Carrie said...

These are wonderful, Ellie! You did a great job!