September 26, 2010


i haven't posted in so long. wow. well, i have a photoshoot coming up this saaaturday!! and i will leave you with mucho cute pictures and cross country quotes. :D

"is that my water bottle? yes! YES!"

"let's walk across the dam! and if we fall in, well it'll be fine."

"5! i mean 2, 1, i mean 4. just GO!"

"squishy the jelly-bear!"

"so, are we going to be running up and down the hill?"

you people make me laugh and smile. thanks for the prayers, water fights, and fun times.

and thank you to all who did not vote for the beanies. ;)


cassidy said...

ahh hes getting soo big! so cute :)

and yes. cross country is just amazing. sooo much fun!! :D