September 17, 2010

and picasa doesn't lie.

when i started this photography blog almost three years ago, i had no idea.

really. like i looked at my picasa albums that have all the pictures i have ever blogged in them. and numbers don't lie people.

1120. pictures. in three years.

and i thought, why not link to some of my fav posts? as i'm looking i like to reminisce. it's so wonderful. :)

how about this one? my first official newborn session. such a cute kid. check it out here.
- i loved this shoot. anna is such a sweetheart. her senior pictures here. [oh and check out her wedding pictures here. another favorite post.]
- hattie's five year old post. love her FACE. :D
- one of the craziest experiences i have had in my little 16 year old life. seriously. here.

there are so many other posts i could do. but i love these. a lot. :D
thanks for looking.