September 10, 2010

martin & janice

i love plays. i like going to see them, i like being involved with them, i like all of the detail work they entail.

and it just so happens that martin & janice do too. in fact, that's how they met. in new york. doing a play. together, but they didn't know how together it would become. ;)

the whole wedding was so much fun. the first order of business was the boys.

brittany (the main photog) and i were laughing the entire time. these guys have a sense of humor. and you can tell they are all really good friends. :)

after they were done pictures, we went to check on the beautiful bride. :)

so did some other people. :)

her mom came in and gave her a big hug. :D

the flower girl and ring bearer were, ah. so cute. i loved them.

right before the ceremony was about to start, janice's dad took her aside and talked to her. it was very cool to watch.

let the ceremony begin!

and just like that they were married.

i don't have many pictures from the reception. but i will post a few. (besides, don't you want to get to the couple pictures? um yes please. :D)

the deliciously beautiful cake.

other fun details.

and they got to drive away in THIS. oh my goodness.

and now folks, the moment that you all have been waiting for. i present to you, the bride and groom.

they kept saying, "oh i hope you don't mind us kissing. we just can't help it!" and we said, no prob. ;)

martin is such a godly man. he loves janice so much and you can tell. it's very evident in the way that he cares for her.

and janice loves martin right back. she is a wonderful gal. i'm so glad i get to know her!!

the next two pictures = absolute fav. martin is supposed to be the "horse whisperer" and janice is so impressed. like really. ;)

and here they are petting the horse. see how he does it. with skill people. (wow that was like reading from a get-to-read book. see the horse. see the man. see the man pet the horse. :D)

and that's a wrap folks. :D


Natalie said...

ahahaha martin... the 'horse-whisperer' :) love the pictures ellie!

The Maka 6 said...

oh my!!!! that was hilarious!!! martin the horse whisperer... mom and me where laughing really hard at that one :)


Anonymous said...

these are so cute ellie! love them! and the car they drove away in is amaazing. :D

-"s" (yasmeen)