September 30, 2010

this giiiirl. ;)

i loved being young and having no homework. in that spare time that i did have, hannah and i would be playing some sort of imaginary game. like house or something, typical girl stuff. :D

then we moved on to the "study group" stage. ha. that was a joke. we got together to do "study" science and spanish. we did the science part fine. i did general and physical. but spanish? not so much. we would much rather quote movies and drink hot chocolate. (for all of those people out there worrying about how i'm getting my foreign language credits: don't worry. i got it covered. :D

and now. we still (sometimes) study together. we're a little more productive. but we also, pray for each other, laugh, cry, talk, encourage, everything. :D

i met this girl in 3rd grade. we were small, blonde, and had no idea that in a few years, we would be amazing friends.

love you girl. :D


hannah joy said...

I love you!!!!!!!! Thanks for your awesome friendship! :) <3

Anonymous said...

oh-my that is a scarrrry pic of us at the top :)