October 28, 2010

danny and lisa

the day started out like all wedding days should. a couple of girlfriends chatting over breakfast, as the bride laughs along with them. lisa was honestly one of the most chill and relaxed people i have ever met.
she received a letter from her to-be husband and quietly read it to herself, giggling at his humor and whispering to herself.

may i mention she did the flowers herself? mmhm beautiful.

one of my favorite parts of the day. she walks into the bathroom carrying her dress and talking to her coordinator. we stand around chatting for a bit and then she just walks in, dress on and looking beautiful. everyone "ohhs and ahhs" and she smiles happily. calm and collected. no stress or anything.

we cannot forget the groom. danny is perfect for lisa. he is godly and gentle. he loves to be around lisa which is so neat to watch.

they decided to do a "first look" which was i loooved.

those two pictures above define the day. they loved laughing together and there was much of it going on.

ohhh cute couple alert.

i'm going to save the couple pictures for later but here is one from when we were going to take pictures. it was SO. COLD. like 40 degrees cold.

some pre-ceremony starbucks.

on to couple pictures. i loved this part.

i love these next two. we started taking pictures and realized that danny was holding the bouquet. lisa got a kick out of that. :)

some reception details.

thank you so much lisa and danny!! i loved being a part of your day. enjoy the pictures!!


Carrie said...

nice job, ellie! i especially like the joyful & candid looking shots. so precious.

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful, ellie! great job. :)

bekah said...

cute, cute! looove it!