October 3, 2010

people i love

if you haven't noticed, i've been going through a small "friends series." i've done my family (those sister series.) so i did carrie and hannah.

and now natalie. a girl that has been on here before, but not for a post all about our friendship. :D it's usually been some photoshoot or random get-together.

natalie thanks for letting me parcipitate [;)]in your life. i love you. :)

you can read how we met in this post so i won't go into much detail here. all i'll say is that she is a wonderful, fun-loving, godly girl and i love her!! :D

[okay. quick detail about us. she got her braces on exactly one day before me and we now have a slight "competition" if you will, to see who's going to get theirs off first. so yeah. :D]