October 28, 2010


hey!! so wedding pictures are coming, trust me. school and life have been so busy.

so here is an 8 month update on jude! :D

his annual [not annual. monthly. there we go. :)] bear picture.

he looks so innocent. don't be fooled however... it took us about 5 tries to get it. here are the outtakes.

"and i ATTACK the bear!! muhahaha!"

"i just felt tall next to him. we don't want any hurt feelings."

"hmm.. smells like, bear."

he is actually sitting next to me right now, grabbing the computer, screaming, scraping the chair with his fingernails, kicking me, sucking on his fingers, grabbing again and falling over.

he has a "go-go-go" personality that already shows. in the past few weeks, he has learned to sit up and grab for things. [including hair thank you very much.] he is interested in anything to do with action. it's quite entertaining. :) he likes when you clap and sing to him and he LOVES to sit up and play. he's getting tired of his exersaucer. :)

oh and just for kicks i'll post the bear picture from 2 months old. boy has he grown....

like i said, wedding pictures SOON. and family pictures and baby pictures and.... :)