November 8, 2010

thoughts of summer

summer is wonderful. and next summer will be particularly grand.

it will be the last summer where i say,"i'm going back to school next year."
it will be the last summer that i think about school books, tests, homework, and late nights.
it will be the last summer when i use all of my night babysitting time in august for pre-class homework.

it will be the first summer i have my license.
it will be the first summer that i can rejoice in the fact that i will be senior.
it will be the first summer that i think about my life beyond highschool in a deeper way.

but you know what makes it particular GRAND?

for I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. - jeremiah 29:11

wow. i am excited.

[oh and do you like the text of the post on the left or in the middle? thaaanks. ;)]


Aimee said...

Oooh you just made me really excited for this summer. =) And we still have like seven months!

I have to say, being the writing person that I am, it just seems more instinctual to have the text on the left. But either way is nice.

bekah said...

oh man ellie!! you are toooo old

Carrie said...

I am going to philosophize on the placement of the text. :)

I think that, in general, I like it better on the left because it reads more like paragraphs than captions. BUT, since your photos are centered, text that's on the left will only look good if it's long-ish, like most of your captions are. But if you're doing a post where all you want to write are short little title-type things to go with your photos, I think centered text is better so that the eye doesn't jump from the left to the center all the time. That'd be some serious eye gymnastics. So I guess I would say that my recommendation would be to mostly put the text on the left, unless you know that the post you're doing at the moment is a few words kind of post. Then put it in the middle. :D

So there's my nerd's perspective. I hope you can decode it!

Sophie said...

Ellliiiee!!! I miss you! and can't wait to see you at thanksgiving =] if you ever have time/want to.. feel free to stop by my blog!

love you!
your cousin,

ellie be said...

hey sophie!

oh i am so excited for thanksgiving and i can't wait to see you!! ahhh! :D :D and i will definitely check out your blog! of course!!

<3 ellie