December 5, 2010

i need your help

ever since carrie asked the question about making a photo book, my interest has been renewed. i really want to make one. about children, laughter, funny things, something. i really like the laughter idea. anyway, i need YOUR help to decide what to do. below are some options that i have considered, you can either vote AND suggest one or vote OR suggest one. either way is fine!

funny things
day in the life of... (a child etc)

so let me know! comment away.


Libby said...

I think one with laughter would be awesome!
I would totally buy that book if I saw it in a store

Emily said...

Yeah, I think something with laughing too..maybe a book of children laughing/smiling?

Carrie said...

I vote laughter. And you can dedicate it to the strawberry patch. Or to some grandma somewhere and her jitney.

But really, I think that would be a cool book.

Sophie said...

I think laughter or children.. maybe children laughing? That is always the cutest =]

FuntobeaFlood said...

I vote for gratitude. I think you would do a wonderful job capturing that. I always love your posts!

Elisabeth said...

I like the laughter and funny things ideas best. If I were buying a photo book, I'd enjoy something that would make me smile! :)

yasmeen said...

haha i actually would vote for could do some really cute ones that are more serious..and then also some with them laughing! :)

Aimee said...

I think you should do all of the above! Maybe start with laughter =)

chichi said...

i would do laughter or day in the life of a kiddo :D

Jenna said...


sarah elaine said...

I say children -- from laughing to smiling to screaming. ;)