December 7, 2010

the laughter project

voting closed and i have decided. although it was sososo hard. i got ideas and i got reassurance of past ideas. :D 

i am going to do my first [aHA] photo book on laughter. all proceeds of this book will go to rancho 3m or give uganda water. both ministries that i fully support and i hope that through the links, you can learn more about them and support them through the book  if you choose to buy it (as well as other resources!).

this project which i am titling "the laughter project" is going to be centered around, you guessed it, laughter. this is going to be babies laughing/smiling - teenagers laughing. (preferably young teens: 12-15). i will take pictures and fill the book with smiles. (YAY!! :D)

there will be full page photographs in black and white and color. i am so looking forward to it! i will be showing little previews as it progresses along so that should be fun. :D


hannah joy said...

awww! fun girl! :)

sophia said...

wow this is gonna be so cool ellie!

The Ordinary said...

looks cool =)