December 13, 2010

looking back [2010 review]

wups. time for more wordy posts. and you will see why in a minute. 

if you had told me last year at this time that 2010 would bring a number of photoshoots that i could count with my fingers and toes i would have hoped you were wrong. 

you see, last december i had some big plans. i was going to second-shoot a ton of weddings, have 20 sessions with families (just in the months of october-december) and take the amazing, adorable, and delightful pictures of newborns and children. it was a perfect plan. in my mind at least. but guess what? it wasn't God's plan.

i had three weddings, a handful of family shoots, and one newborn session. God was saying, "I have better plans for you." and guess what? of course, He was right. going into this year i was so confident in what I would do that i wasn't concerned in what HE was going to do. suresure i had said, "i give my plans to You God." but i didn't exactly know what that meant...

at the beginning of the school year, i was Overwhelmed. with a capital O if you didn't catch that. i had jumped in to junior year unknowingly having a ton of homework PLUS cross country PLUS family stuff and everything. it was insane. i started doubting God (which is a scary place to be!). soon i stopped asking Him for things because i wasn't expecting them.

and then God said, "stop." in the middle of november, God graciously and OH SO kindly stopped me in my tracks and convicted me of my unbelief. and i realized that the reason i didn't have photography jobs, the reason i had so much homework, and the reason i didn't have time for anything else was because i have a Creator who has a better plan for me than all of my plans smooshed together.

so that's my 2010.  stay tuned for a 2011 preview. :)