December 26, 2010


this post is about oreos and football and wii. 

or you could call this post: ramblings of ellie while she tries to find her camera which has all of the christmas pictures on it post. either one.

so last night, i made a cake for hattie. because she wanted to sing happy birthday to jesus. it was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. yum. and it tasted like oreos. now, if you don't know all ready, i don't like oreos. and so the cake was kind of a disappointment. except, i liked the icing by itself. so score.

i was just thinking about football and the super bowl and all of you redskin fans who don't understand how i can be an eagles fan in maryland. um that point has yet to be argued. just live with it. haha. :D but on the serious side, the eagles are the head of the nfc east division! this makes my limited-football-knowledge brain happy.

aaaand for christmas we got a wii. who knew that doing archery with two black controllers could be so much fun? although, the fencing was marked with "cartoon violence." hm don't know if i want to play that game. ;) 

so i hope your christmas was super-de-duperly wonderful. mine was. and i have pictures to prove it. somewhere.... 


hannah joy said...

i love everything about this post besides the reference to the eagles.
i am so sorry that the happy birthday Jesus cake turned out tasting like oreos.
and yay for the wii!! how fun!