January 26, 2011


it's hattie's birthday today. 

i remember my mom going to the hospital and i was giggling with excitement that i was going to have a baby sister. i remember her learning how to walk, and talk. i remember her eating cheerios in her highchair. i remember her "awkward lisp" stage (but the cutest of them all!) i have a whole quote book of sayings from when she was younger. [i'll include some later. :D] i remember her first, second, third, fourth, and fifth birthdays. each a special day.  

she is growing up. she is so joyful and loving, quick to encourage us and tell us "thank you" for even a little effort that we made. she loves to run and create. she just started a pe class and i have full intentions of training her to be a runner. ;) she loves talking about God and reading her Bible. she definitely knows more about Him then I did at age 9 even! 

happy birthday sweetiepie. i love you so much and you bring such joy to my life.