January 30, 2011

home-schoolers are just cool in general. 

i met two delightful siblings who live in PA through an online writing class i am doing. and so i video chatted sarah today (her brother andrew came on for a bit too). we talked and laughed and talked some more. and then i taught her how to take a screen shot of your computer screen. she tried it and below is the result that she emailed me (and i must add: what she and andrew were laughing at). they said it was sarah's face that was so funny, but i think they were secretly laughing at me. 

i post this because it is hilarious. and home-schoolers are cool. convinced? haaa i think so. :D


sarah elaine said...

hahah! i'm in a blog post on your blog! i think that's a first. :)

and yes, homeschoolers ARE cool.In fact, we specialize in cool. hahah

Sara said...

Homeschoolers ARE awesome. Granted, I might be a bit biased, considering I am one. Are you a homeschooler, too?

elisabeth said...

Oh yes, homeschoolers are so amazingly cool! :D Homeschooling is just awesome.

ellie be said...

sara: yes i am a homeschooler. :D