January 27, 2011


inspired by i'm kristen's post over here. 

i'm inspired to make a weekly series called "today." so here it goes. (this is for yesterday. it's going to have to be like that for all of them. :D)

today i woke up at 6 and spread balloons and streamers all over my sister's room.
today i ate blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
today i went to the mall with my en-tire family and got chick-fil-a. 
today at said mall, i quoted movies and copied british accents. 
today i took my biology midterm. 
today i roamed around toys r us with said family and looked at stuffed hippos. 
today i wrapped presents, ate icing, and decorated our whole family room with 5 rolls of streamers. 
today i had dinner, cake, watched hattie open presents, and watched her take pictures with her new camera.
today i hoped that she would be come a photographer some day.
today jude shrieked a zillion times.
today i did math in front of a fire with my sister.
today was well, today. :)