February 18, 2011

jude's #1

we are going to go down nostalgia lane for a bit. do you remember last year when i posted that my mom was going to the hospital early? [go HERE if you are new to my blog or want a refresher of all the baby posts]

five days later, she had jude elliot, seven pounds, eleven ounces.

we all adored him. like seriously. i remember all of your comments about him too. he is such a loved little boy. 

as he grew he became cuter and cuter (if that was even possible!) 

then came his 10 month birthday and we all realized, this baby is no longer a baby, he's growing up into a little boy!

his 11 month birthday came and went. and i took these pictures realizing that my boy is growing up and fast. 

now, he has four teeth, is crawling rapidly, pulling up, standing up, talking more frequently, knows what "more" means, and can take a few steps by himself. his first birthday is in two days. i can't believe it. i just can't believe it.

i also can't imagine our family without this little guy. he is the awesomest brother i could ever ask for. i will definitely be posting about his birthday, just thought i would do a recap of the past year: arguably one of the best years of my life.


sarah b said...

ahhh i'm such a bad blogger so i'm linking to your blog for like the millionth time ok?